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Princess Leah

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two chinese boy- Da da da [04 Dec 2006|10:37pm]


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[01 Jun 2006|06:58am]
Quick update, because I should be studying.

Wedding planning= teh suck.

School= waste of my time

Work = stressful

and myself? I'm going insane.

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Because I'm watching can't hardly wait... [18 Feb 2006|10:02pm]
A - Available?: nope. :)
A - Age: the big two-0
A - Annoyance: sometimes, everything annoys me!

B - Best Friends?: Matt, Greg, Becky.
B - Bar: umm.... Chubbys? I dunno.
B - Birthday?: April 26

C - Crush: There is this cute guy that lives in my apartment!
C - Color: Pink!
C - Cat: Butter!!!

D - Dead Pets Name: Jeannie, Chibi, Abby, Snuggles, or Gordita.
D - Dads Name: Which one? Robert, Bill, or Steve?
D - Dog: Scoutie and Holly.

E - Easiest person to talk to: Matt
E - Eggs: not a big fan- unless they're in cookie dough.
E - Email: dot princess

F - Favorite color?: err, pink?
F - Food: Just had easter eggs. the ones with the shell. mmmmmmm.
F - Foreign Slang: Korean. youbang. hehee

G - Gummy Bears or Worms:either one, as long as its sour!
G - God: *wo bu zhidao.*
G - Good Times: DDR?

H - Hair Color: En route to being blonde.
H - Height: 5'5"
H - Happy: when I have time...

I - Ice Cream: mmmm... Cookies and Cream.
I - Instrument: Violin.
I - Idol: my brother...

J - Jewelry: too many.
J - Job: blah.
J - Jokes: i just like to giggle.

K - Kids: lets hope..
K - Karate: for wanna be white kids.
K - Kung Fu: ditto.

L - Longest Car Ride: never kept track...
L - Longest Relationship: 4 years...
L - Last Food: besides those chocolate eggs? pasta!

M - Milk Flavor: Strawberry!
M - Mothers Name: again, which one? Margaret, or Rosemary
M - Movie Last Watched: Cant Hardly Wait

N - Number of Siblings: 7? 1? I dont know..
N - Northern or Southern: Northern.
N - Name: Leah. Asshole...

O - One Wish: To be pretty...
O - One Phobia?: Not living my life to the fullest.
O - Orgasms: :-X

P - Parents, are they married or divorced: which ones? All the good ones are married.
P - Part of your appearence you like best: none?
P - Part of your Personality you like best: I can always make a joke of something.

Q - Quick or Slow?: Slow. Things happen too fast.
Q - Quality Insurance: sure!
Q - Quiet: yeah.

R - Reason to smile: none really.
R - Reality TV Show: anything thats on thats better than what im watching.
R - Right or Left: both?

S - Song Last Heard: all these old school songs on Can't Hardly Wait.
S - Season: winter, but not cold ones... just the snow.
S - Sex: yes please?

T - Time you woke up: 8:30 AM.
T - Time Now: 9:53 PM.
T - Time for bed: 1am?

U - Unknown Fact about me: I hate my life.
U - Unicorns:I had one as a toy once...
U - Underwear: granny VS panties.

V - Vegetable you hate: Corn. It makes me poop.
V - Vegetable you love: Olives? Tomato?
V - View on Politics:Medium...

W- Worst Habits: Procrastinating, OCD.
W- Where are you going to travel next: BOSTON!
W- Weight: too heavy.

X - X-Ray: lots of fun! All the time.
X - X-Rated: not for meee!
X - Xtra info: None really...

Y - Year you were born: 1985.
Y - Year it is now: 2006.
Y - Yellow?: Matt?

Z - Zoo Animal: Penguin!
Z - Zodiac: Taurus
Z - Zoolander?:Saw parts of it....

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[27 Dec 2005|10:47pm]
I'm getting down to it. We're getting married within the next 18 months. I'm sick of procrastinating.

I just want it to be everything I dreamed of.

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[20 Dec 2005|08:41am]
Whenever I look at pretty people, I feel worse about myself. I don't think I'm pretty, or good looking by any means.
I really want to feel beautiful, not for anyone else but myself. Matt loves me for who I am, but I think the problem is that I don't love myself.
Maybe I'll go tanning today and get some teeth whitener. Time to stop feeling sorry for myself and start doing something.

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[11 Dec 2005|11:48pm]
I hate feeling limited by money.

I feel like I can't start planning anything for our wedding until I have saved some substantial amount, and I just don't feel like I'm in a position to do that right now.

I just want an elegant wedding at a beautiful place with pretty flowers and good friends.

Apparently it's too much to ask.

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[21 Nov 2005|07:48pm]
Yay! I got my dress today!! :-D

No wedding plans yet, but I have a pretty dress when I do make them!

Pictures to follow!

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[19 Nov 2005|08:51am]
Hellz yeah!

I'm picking up my dress on Monday. I'm getting really excited for my wedding.... just need to start planning it.

Today is my last day at AE. It's sort of a bitter sweet feeling... but I think this move is the right one for me. As usual, I hope I'm making the right decision. Trish is the only one that makes me second guess myself. :-/ I think I'll ultimately be happier at XGates. And with Carrie.

Matt got me presents this week. Not so romantically, he got me tires for my car. (Although it was very thoughtful....)
But he also got me this:

The pink one of course :-)

Allright, long day ahead of me... gotta get started somewhere!

OT- gotta change my avatar... already found him :-)

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[28 Sep 2005|09:25am]
Stole this from Mira's comments, but thought it was a great point. Someday I'll become a Bailly...

My high school history teacher took her husband's name when she got married, and described it to us thusly, paraphrased:

"My friends are all feminists, and they were all shocked that I took my husband's name. But as far as I'm concerned, it's either my father's name or my husband's name, and I like my husband better than my father."

I always thought that was an elegant point.

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[18 Jul 2005|11:45am]
Things have been nothing short of crazy. I've been trying to plan the wedding, but I've been getting frustrated, and I've been busy with work

I'm working full time at American Eagle now... I got a car, and my license, and getting a lot of practice driving back and forth to Saratoga.

Matt's working full time at Godiva. I like that job. There are people there that I actually like, and I'm happy that I have friends again.

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[08 Apr 2005|10:34pm]
So yeah.... today totally sucked.

We're not having it at Beechwood. I hate the Baillys. Nothing more to say than I cried all day because they are assholes. They need to stay in their place and not be such freaking busybodies.

Spent a lot of money because I was pissed off. Didnt buy another Coach bag. (Almost did...)

And if anyone ever calls me a c*nt again, I will rip their balls off and shove them down a garbage disposal. I really dont give a shit if you're having a crappy day. You don't do that.
At least it's less people we have to deal with in the wedding party

Ugh.... why bother getting married?

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Comment please. [07 Apr 2005|11:30pm]


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My new toy [07 Apr 2005|11:01pm]


The only thing that's making me smile now.

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[07 Apr 2005|10:41pm]

Oh my god. I can't believe how much stuff I have to do. And I don't think everyone approves of what we're doing. It seems so hard to convince that Bailly's that we really want Astors for our reception.. but they don't really have much of a choice. It's what WE want, and god-damn it, it's our wedding, and we're going to get it.

So much stuff to think about, reception site, food, music, flowers, dresses, rings, church, etc.

Its stressing me out, and it's not helping that the Baillys dont seem to trust our judgement. Having in-laws is going to be a BLAST.


(Whisper To Me)

[18 Mar 2005|08:45am]
I'm so tired one day, and I can't sleep the next. I don't know what the heck is going on with me. Blegggh.

Anywho, I'm off to Boston/RI next week to go around the city with lizzypoo and abbsygail. Here's the plan (mosly for my benefit!)

Arrive at some point
Stop in and see Bobby
7:00 appointment with David's Bridal to re-try on the dresses, so I can show the fam (www.davidsbridal.com)
Sleep at Bakersfield

Out with Lizzy for the day.
11:00 Appointment with L'Elite on Newbury (www.lelite.com)
Meet up with Mattie for lunch
Shop around Copley Place
Matt takes Abby's backpack for...
3:00 Appointment with Priscilla of Boston (www.priscillaofboston.com)
Dinner with Bigda

Drive to RI with Liz and Matt
10:30 Appointment at Astor's Beechwood (I REALLY want to have the reception there www.astorsbeechwood.com)
2:00 appointment at Rosecliff (www.newportmansions.org)
After that, look around at different churches
Head home after that for family pictures

Head back to Albany..
Work 8 hour shift Friday and Saturday.
Nothing on Sunday (THANK Goodness for easter.)

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[09 Mar 2005|11:09pm]
I feel wickid dumb- I thought I had two midterms today. I studied for two. Only had one. GRRRR

So I was right about the TB. Stupid doctor. Ugh. He makes me mad, but it makes me happy to know that I know more about my body than anyone else does.
I was kinda upset that Blum approached me and pretty much said that I was faking the lung thing. Thought I was missing classes for the wedding. Must talk to the poor man. And get a doctors note. blegh.

Wedding stuff is going along well. Going to Boston to try on dresses with lizzy. Will post pics later!

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[28 Feb 2005|11:44am]
So, I suck at updating. Tis life.

Anywho, things are going well on the homefront, I still don't really have a good grasp on how the family feels about my engagement, and I suppose that they really want my acceptance, but there's nothing I can really do about it unless i beat the truth out of them. Oh well.

So I went and tried on a few dresses this week, didn't find anything that I was completely in love with, but I got some good ideas as to what I liked in a wedding dress. Lizzy comes home in a few weeks anyways, so I'll get to do some hardcore shopping with her. And I still don't know what to do about the whole let's narrow down bridesmaids thingy. It's not going to be easy, and I'm sure (as usual) that I will piss someone off.

Anywho, back to reading Buddhism. I'm getting awful at putting off homework and classes. :-(

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[14 Feb 2005|09:31am]

More to follow :-)

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[24 Jan 2005|10:07pm]
So yeah.... I was tested positive for Tb today. Could things get any worse? :-(

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Yet another reason why I dont live on campus... [18 Jan 2005|09:51am]
UA's heat isn't on yet in the dorms. And it's -1 degrees outside. Sucks to be them.
I just had to turn my thermostat down from 70. God it's good to be in my own apartment. :)

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